Public sector restructure

I was middle management in a specialist area of a county council. I was relatively young to reach that level (early 30s) but loved my job. During my pregnancy

Demoted… and feeling it…

I am the mom of three beautiful boys. I took a year maternity leave for my two pregnancies as I am legally entitled to (yes, I ve got twins).

‘Charitable’ Situation

I worked long hours helping to build a struggling charity with whom I started as a volunteer some six years or more ago. Myself and a few other staff

Discrimination can be very subtle

The company I work for is officially very supportive of pregnant women and those with children. I got one year maternity leave and returned part-time and to the same

Sneakily Demoted

3 months into my maternity leave I received a phone call from my line manager to be told that my post was at risk of redundancy.   I was totally

Re-thinking maternity provision

Only by ensuring maternity provision for all women through the state can we remove the stigma of pregnancy in the workplace. Where the onus is placed on employers, rather

Artist Mums need not apply

A few years ago I was shortlisted for interview for a year long artist residency in the United Kingdom which would have been occupied by myself alone, working in

Thoughts from us..

It has been 3 days since we launched this project, and already it has astounded us. We always knew that discrimination towards pregnant and postpartum women is rife in