Made redundant because I was pregnant

I worked as a Research Scientist in a prestigious University. It was in the Autumn in 2008, my first baby was due in December. Since June, I had been asking

Redundant on maternity leave

I worked for a VERY large retail company well known for its ethics, family values and its Investor in People status. I went on mat leave happily, taking one

A very sad story

I worked for a very long time for a highly respected charity. What people did not realise was the amount of bullying & poor HR practices going on behind

Pregnant then Ignored

In 2013, whilst working for an organisation that prides itself on supporting women, families and international workers, I found out I was pregnant.  I’d been there for 14 months

Tell us your story

If you have been discriminated against whilst you were pregnant or after having a baby, then please tell us your story. We will not publish your personal information so

I was sacked for being pregnant

In 2012 I had decided to leave the safe, warm embrace of PAYE and took the big leap into a life of self employment. I had some really valuable