25 Years Exemplar and then Sacked after Maternity Leave

I worked for the company for 25 years. Many of my roles were high profile working directly for the CEO, on various projects including an project which was implemented and also a major report on an exam scandal. I have worked abroad, and stayed late over and above what my job actually called for.

I went off on maternity leave and had a career break intending to go back part time and work from home as my company, so I thought, took family friendly flexible working seriously.

I found myself in a full-time role as they had no part time roles in a massive organisation. And found it hard to cope so was suffering from anxiety and depression diagnosed by my GP.

I went on another career break, and resolved to go back in May last year.

Unfortunately I was hit again with anxiety and depression so was signed off by my GP.

6 months later still no part time jobs for me and the Occupational Health GP interviewed me for an hour and decided I was OK. Bearing in mind they are paid for by my company.

Now I have been sacked for gross misconduct. I haven’t been violent to anyone and not as much as raised my voice to anyone. But I am now tarred with this brush.

What irritates me even more, is when I was employed a male older worker was found to be viewing porn at his desk on more than one instance, yet he is still in his job.

Fair? I don’t think so.