The day I went on maternity leave I was handed a letter saying my services were no longer needed

I had been an employee for 7 years and had gone through one pregnancy with this employer. The first one, they had told me that my contract would not be renewed should I take longer than a 6 month maternity leave. Because I still liked my job and needed the income, I only took a 6 month leave. A year and a half later I was pregnant again. They asked me point blank this time how long I was planning on being off. Due to circumstances beyond my control and conflicts with other employees I told them I would be taking the full year. That was the end of the conversation. The day I was supposed to go on maternity leave ( I was only allowed to work until noon, doctors orders) I was sent an email by my supervisors supervisor (at 10am) to come to her office for a meeting at 11:30. At 11:30 I was handed a letter saying that my contract was being terminated. No reason given. They offered me a severance package (I came to find out it was about 60% of what is offered). I left the meeting and went straight to my union. I was told that legally they didn’t have to offer me any severance because I was only a “contracted employee” (even though I was working full time for the last 7 years) and I shouldn’t make a fuss. Not knowing what to do, I went with that. I was totally done with being verbally abused DAILY by my do-nothing, lazy, untrained team leader. I couldn’t mentally handle it anymore. I was screwed by my employer AND the “union” I paid into every paycheck to “protect me.” That was a year and a half ago. I am in a much more mentally stable place right now but my blood still boils whenever I think of what happened. Women are never as valuable as men. We have not come as far as we think we have.