I was told to leave immediately and they would pay me to the end of the month.

I was working as a commercial manager. My boss was bullying and harassing me before I fell pregnant. But it felt worse after.
We were in jeopardy of loosing a major client. I was forced to set up a mini call centre and train customer service staff to cold call for sales in a very short period, he gave me a week.
We lost the client and three customer service people were laid off.

I was told I could have prevented this if I had turned things round quicker. He gave me a week to train five people who have never done sales. Produce call scripts and a brand new system. I told him this was unrealistic.
I worked all weekend terrified that more people would be laid of if I didn’t get this done.
I went to work on Monday, worked all day training staff to cold call. I completed all the guides and working practices and at 4.30pm, I was called into the board room and I was made redundant.
This was the only notice I was given.

Distraught, I asked if I could have a lower paid role. Customer service anything. I was told no.
My assistant is young mid twenties bad attendance record and attitude. He was going to fire her a few weeks ago. His wife was a temp there I was not offered her job either.
I was told to leave immediately and they would pay me to the end of the month.
I went to citizens advice bureau and they said I have a discrimination case. I called Acas and they said the same. Went to a solicitor but they wanted £500 and we are saving every penny at the moment.

Thankfully I now have a new job.
Being pregnant makes you determined and focussed.
I was six months pregnant at the time with my first baby and also under a consultant. With all the worry and stress I was terrified I could have lost the baby.
I was working for this firm for five years and then left, came back after six months and in new role 1 year 8 months.
Surely they should have offered me another role with my qualifications and skills.
Now seven months pregnant in a temp contract.