I was told I was over reacting because I was hormonal

I fell pregnant and was picked on by, my then, boss through pregnancy (my work wasn’t good enough, I took too long at appointments, My manager even talked about me to people in the department). When I had the nerve to say something or get so angry I cried, I was told I was over reacting because I was hormonal. I struggled through until my maternity leave began
While I was on leave 4 other ladies in my office became pregnant. Then we were told we were all being made redundant due to relocation. I was chosen by my colleagues as a representative and used my KIT days to attend meetings but worked the full days in the office to do so. When I finished my KIT days I was told everyone was getting huge bonuses to stay until the end. I asked if this was the case for me and was told yes pro rata, which was fine.
I then received my breakdown and the bonus was missing. I called, emailed and text the manager who ignored me. I made an official complaint and a different manager called me, who basically said that my manager said I was lying about being promised a bonus. I got upset at being called a liar and guess what… Was again told that my hormones were all over the place cause I’d just had a baby!!! I think it’s disgusting how pregnant women and mothers are treated and this has now put me off working in an office environment again, I had since moved career paths.