I am now unemployed with 3 children and I know I will now struggle to find another job as who wants to take on a mum of three!

I worked as a sales executive for a bridal accessory company as a single mum with a 3 year old. Having to work long and unsociable hours but I did this to provide for my son and make sure the mortgage was paid. I then fell pregnant again with my new partner and when I made the announcement I was treated completely differently. I was victimised, reduced to tears regularly, lied to and had excessive pressure put on me. The company then reduced my wages with no notification, summoned me into formal meetings which were not previously arranged and had horrible allegations made towards me. I left for maternity leave very stressed and unwell. I decided to just put it all behind me and concentrate on my baby. Whilst on maternity leave just prior to my return I found out I was pregnant again. I therefore made the decision to return to work to be able to provide for my growing family. I decided to return full time even though I knew I would not be treated well and I would be required to work long hours but I had to bring in finances. Initially I did not advise them of my pregnancy just that I was returning. They were pleased with this and welcomed me back and arranged for sales meetings and asked for my help with the two new employees in the team. I was then actually feeling that it may not be so bad! I then announced I was pregnant and yet again everything changed! They took over 2 weeks to return my notification and then told me that there was to be a restructure and the sales meeting turned into changes in the business! At this point I knew they were going to get rid of me. On my second day back they advised we had to reapply for our jobs! I was up against two men who had been in the company for six months (I had worked for the company for 4 years!) they announced that the process would be interview and psychometric tests! There was no looking at sales figures, length of service, business brought to the company, client relationships, accountability etc. All ringing alarm bells that I was to be out of a job! And surprise surprise I was made redundant and out of a job! I was so stressed and ill my GP and midwife were very concerned for my wellbeing and advised me to take a step back and not to speak with the company for a week. I advised the company of this but they did not like it. They threatened to turn up at my house for a meeting about my redundancy. I was so petrified that they were going to show up even though I advised them not to. I can honestly say they harassed me and stressed me out so badly. Eventually my employment came to an end and I appealed and advised them that I felt discriminated against and they got rid of me due to my new pregnancy. I am now unemployed with 3 children and I know I will now struggle to find another job as who wants to take on a mum of three! So I feel let down, concerned for the support I can bring to my family and worried about the future.