Immediately I was stripped of all my senior responsibilities and told I was only needed to provide the basic duties

I work as a senior practitioner in mental health and in 2013 the service which I work for was transferred to another provider. I was already pregnant whilst this happened and so my new employers knew I was going to be on maternity leave shortly. My clinical lead and employers were fantastic and hugely supportive when I went on leave, I received messages telling me how missed I was, invites to team meetings, and was assured that there was a very clear senior job for me to return to. The clinical lead changed whilst I was on leave and I met with her shortly before returning to work to discuss my job role and responsibilities. All was still great. Until I found out I was pregnant again just before my maternity leave finished. I told my employer the day that I returned, thinking that it would be best for everyone that way and naively believing they’d support me as they had done the first time. Immediately I was stripped of all my senior responsibilities and told I was only needed to provide the basic duties. I had hyperemesis gravidarum and was signed off work for 12 weeks. During which time they refused to make any reasonable adjustments whatsoever for me. When I felt better I questioned my line manager why the senior responsibilities had been stripped away as the only thing that had changed in the 2 month period between meeting and confirming these, and me returning to work, was that I announced my pregnancy. They immediately treated it as a grievance. Obviously no employer is going to admit any kind of pregnancy discrimination and so it got swept under the carpet. I already realised I had ruffled too many feathers and this wouldn’t turn out well for me. And so I returned to work on admin duties. Stuffing envelopes and not being trusted to do my job. I’ve now returned from maternity leave to be told my original duties (the senior and supervision aspects) have gone as they’ve had to put in other arrangements whilst I’ve had a “long absence”. I’ve been refused opportunities to apply for an internal promotion, denied previously agreed training course and am not trusted to do my job so once again I am on admin duties. My boss obviously took the grievance very personally and I have been advised that she doesn’t trust me/ wants me out.