Once some companies know you are pregnant or wish to start a family, they will do anything to get rid of you

It happened to me 3 times!

Once some companies know you are pregnant or wish to start a family, they will do anything to get rid of you.

I’d worked for nearly 4 years for a large household retailer, in my late 30’s I finally became pregnant and was in a position to start a family, knowing the company had a lovely booklet, claiming they were fair to women, pregnancy rights and exercised best practice! Unfortunately I had a stillbirth, devastated I returned to work after 5/6 months off, and worked only for a further 6 months; my line manager had been determined to get rid of me, it was also a personal issue she had with me, but I felt very alone and weak, isolated and constantly having to watch my back on my return to work. They obsessed about a phased return and messed me about over the hours and days, asking me to work in another department. They changed meetings and excluded me, I was completely passed over, hounded and criticised for not doing my work properly. I saw a lawyer, who said they were sex discriminating against me and that I could either grin and bare it, leave, or take them to a tribunal. I was too scared and tired to do the latter so I just handed in my notice and left that week, they were pleased and actually said oh good, sorry thank you and all the best ! Astounding

The following year I secured a 1 year contract with renewal at another retailer, with a slight promotion, but once I became pregnant again they were super fair and accommodating, but did not renew my contract,, that was that.

Then after my daughter was born, I got a parental hours part-time position at a retail supplier, I thought it was great permanent position with hours/days to suit my childcare needs, but again, once they found out about my next pregnancy they just sacked me a week later claiming part-time wasn’t working out, and someone at the retailer didn’t like my work, despite sending me a nice email saying thank you for the work, unbelievable.

This time I have decided to do something about it, because I’ve gone from having a permanent secure job of 4 years, to nothing and no income other than Maternity Allowance. My case is presently with ACAS, awaiting conciliation feedback. I also went to the CAB, and they were very kind and helpful too, they can help find a barrister if you go to tribunal and have a case.

This is my story, I am worried about future employment. Are there any decent companies out there? Flexible working, parental hours, fair and kind?