A big stress a new mum doesn’t need

I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant and as I was a DOM carer I had to tell them straight away. They seemed to be happy for me and said I would be on light duties, this lasted all of about a week. I got sent to clients with very bad D&V and told I had to do them as no one else would and I wouldn’t catch it!! I was sent to clients which needed two carers because of lifting etc but once pregnant I was sent alone …. I soon realised they were pushing me to leave. A few times I had bad sickness but still dragged myself along only to feel worse to then call to be sent home but no this wasn’t the case I was made to feel awful and carry on. My hours were 7 till 11 pm at first but I needed to cut down and I asked for longer breaks. Clients kept being added, ones I could not possibly do. Even the clients would tell me I should not be there in my condition. But the company would take on too many clients for not enough staff! Finally at 32 weeks I could not possibly take anymore, so decided I would take my maternity. Things seemed fine at first regarding them paying and sending me pay slips … but after a short amount of time they closed my account with the tax office and then re opened 10 days later leaving me with a huge bill as the tax office did not take into account my prior tax payments! They ignored me for months, not sending legal documents that had been asked for time after time and the list goes on! My baby is 6 weeks old and I still find myself battling with them a big stress a new mum doesn’t need 🙁