A couple of days after sharing news of my pregnancy, I was sacked without reason

I was thrilled to discover that I was having my first baby with my husband. Unfortunately, 3 days before I reached 12 weeks, I suffered a miscarriage. My female boss, a mum of 4 herself, was sympathetic initially, however soon she started to make comments about how she couldn’t afford for me to get pregnant again. She once out and out asked me to promise that I wouldn’t get pregnant again in the foreseeable future as it didn’t work for her and her plans for the business (I had suffered the miscarriage less than two months ago at this point and was still grieving). When I discovered that I was again pregnant, I decided that I didn’t want to tell my boss straight away as she had been so against the idea. I did email a friend/ colleague at our head office and told her the news. A couple of days after sending the email I had been sacked without reason. I did contact a solicitor however was advised it was her word against mine and I was better off leaving it. So during the early stages of pregnancy I found myself jobless with a mortgage to pay and nobody would support me legally as there just wasn’t enough evidence – which I’m led to believe frequently happens in cases like this.