Joeli Brearley

JB and Theo

Joeli Brearley is the founder of Pregnant Then Screwed. She is also mother to Theodore (2) and Jack (5 months). Joeli was sacked from her job when she was 4 months pregnant with her first child and ever since then she has been on a mission to raise awareness of discrimination and to help other women who are victims of discriminatory behaviour.

Joeli is also a self employed project manager. You can contact her direct on or follow her on Twitter @Joeli_Brearley or you can read her blog here:

Danielle Ayres


Danielle is the legal advisor for Pregnant Then Screwed. She manages the advice line.

Danielle is mother to two young boys and an employment solicitor, who specialises in pregnancy/maternity and sex discrimination. Whilst on maternity leave with her first child, she was shocked to hear from other new mums about the unfavourable treatment they were being subjected to by their employers, as a result of them having a baby / being on maternity leave. She could see that this was seriously affecting the precious time they had to bond with their babies and ultimately, for a large number of these individuals, that it was also having a detrimental impact on their mental health. This experience drove Danielle to set up free legal advice clinics for expectant and new mums at various centres across the North West and also hold employment law surgeries at Gorvins Solicitors in Stockport. Her surgeries and advice clinics give expectant and new mums the opportunity to confidentially discuss any work-related situations they may be facing and provide them with practical advice which they require to help them through this difficult time.

Fiona Chow

Fiona Chow

Fiona is the Marketing and PR advisor for Pregnant Then Screwed

Fiona Chow is a proud (and only slightly competitive) mother to Maximus and a communications expert with 15 years experience of public relations, campaigning and brand building. After being made redundant during her maternity leave she set up her own consulting firm, Goadi Consulting which allows her to work flexibly and only for companies that are worth sacrificing time with her family for. She is passionate about the pregnantthenscrewed cause, seeing it as an opportunity to turn her negative experience into a positive outcome for the thousands of women who suffer maternity related discrimination every year. Fiona channels the many media enquiries for the campaign and works with the team to respond to them.
You can contact her on

Kim Brearley


Kim is the Project Manager for Pregnant Then Screwed

Kim Brearley is the proud auntie to Theodore and the Lead Corporate Responsibility Adviser for a FTSE 100 Property Company. With a CR target to attain complete diversity across the workforce, women in business is a key point. That makes pregnancy and maternity discrimination a hot topic for her at work and personally. Being the sister of the founder of Pregnant Then Screwed also creates a real passion for the subject. Kim will be looking after the project while her sister takes some maternity leave to have her second baby. You can contact her direct on

Sam Sutton-Reid


Sam is the Relationship Manager for Pregnant Then Screwed

Sam is a father of two; four year old Dylan and one year old Layla. Sam is passionate about eradicating sexual discrimination for his daughter, but also equally for his son. He dreams of a world where boys can play with dolls just as much as girls (and girls can plays with tools etc). For the last ten years Sam has worked in various Sales roles in IT. Now a Sales Manager he plans to bring his Relationship Management skills to Pregnant Then Screwed to help forge strong partnerships with like minded institutions.

Jennifer Jones


Jennifer leads on the Tribunal mentor service for Pregnant Then Screwed.

Jennifer is a Sales director with over 20 years experience in mentoring, coaching people, both in my professional career and voluntary work. Having experienced discrimination, and the legal process of a tribunal, she feels fortunate to be able to mentor, support, and offer advice to women going through similar experiences.

In her spare time she is a devoted mum to my 4 year old daughter who brings me such much joy and also keeps her on her toes! Family will always be her greatest achievement.

Anna Granta

IMG_20150802_131522551 (1)

Anna has helped developed the Pregnant Then Screwed website

Anna Granta is a mum, programmer and tutor. She has worked with many different programming languages from C to JS. Most of all she loves talking to people, understanding their problems and finding solutions.

Emma Cotro

Emma Cotro

Emma runs the Pregnant Then Screwed sister site in Spain

Emma Cotro is a law graduate concerned about discrimination against women in the labor market and the impact this is having on Spanish society. She wants to make difference in Spain and works hard to promote this project and campaign in her own country. In Spain, many women become pregnant and lose their jobs, without receiving the legal protection to which they are entitled. You can contact Emma on:

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