Demoted… and feeling it…

I am the mom of three beautiful boys. I took a year maternity leave for my two pregnancies as I am legally entitled to (yes, I ve got twins).

On my last day of maternity leave, I received a call (while in Spain as I was using some holiday allowance). I knew HR was calling me but thought it would be informal. How wrong was I… My boss was also on the call (I had no news from her in the last 12 m), and announced me that my team of three was being restructured and my role was made redundant. I had to reapply to get a job….

Chock… stress (I was on holiday!)… first day back in the office after 12m, I had a two hour competency-based interview. How did it go? Shite, of course! I had no relevant examples to give, I had been surrounded by nappies, poos, and baby smiles for a year! I even didn’t fit into my old clothes… I had left my babies for the first time…. of course, it was shite!

So, I didn’t get the Director role, but got offered another role with less money.

Perfect not. I had already committed to a full time nanny (with three kids and a full time job, I had no choice)… what could I do? refuse and sue them? That’s what my husband wanted me to do… and pay with what? and if it didn’t work (they gave me an alternative after all…)…

So i took the job, oh and I had also lost my office, so was in open plan…

My self confidence was so down, I felt so depressed…. I was crying almost every day in the office and/ or at home… even the HR manager at the time thought it was unfair and she got dismissed then (she told me it was because she expressed her view in regards to my situation… who knows!?).

Very hard times… after a year and a half, I am trying to look for a new job but feeling often too exhausted to really put my mind into it…. however, I have re-built my self-confidence but it took me a good year to achieve this.

Be strong ladies, you re worth it all. 🙂