Discrimination can be very subtle

The company I work for is officially very supportive of pregnant women and those with children. I got one year maternity leave and returned part-time and to the same job position. On the outside it’s all good… And yet, my career is as good as over. I work hard, I am reliable and I am proactive when trying to get into good projects. But since I returned to work I have not been able to do any work with the same level of responsibility as I did before; instead I am only allowed to do jobs well below my qualifications and experience. This makes it impossible for me to build a case to ask for promotion and to continue progressing my career. This has caused a major knock down on my self confidence and self esteem. My attempts to change jobs where fruitless because other companies won’t hire straight out a mum needing to work part time. I’m still looking for alternative, but in the mean time I need to suck it up and stay in this job simply because I need the money. And I’m well aware that the longer I stay the less I will have to show to a potential employer.

It is ridiculous how women are treated at work for having a family, while some countries are providing financial and other incentives to encourage people to have children because the birth rate is so low and their population is getting old. We are the heroes ensuring that this country has a future at all!