The discrimination started as soon as I announced my pregnancy. I feel stressed, anxious and powerless.

I work in a Solicitors firm and I told my boss I was pregnant at 6 weeks as I was being sick at work and thought she should know. She knew I’d been trying as I had a miscarriage a few months before. A week later she announced my pregnancy to the whole firm after me asking her not to, she then was very abrupt with me when I tried to talk to her about work and told me I had got pregnant and given up and that I was sat in a little bubble. During a training session, half way through she told me to leave as I was going on maternity soon. She then hired someone 6 weeks before I was due to go on maternity leave and she took all my cases off me and gave to the new woman. She gave me admin tasks to do. I went off work for a day with stress and then upon returning they asked if it was work related, when I said yes I was met with animosity and told that I am late to work and that they had some problems with me. I said I found this strange that this hadn’t been raised prior to me saying I was stressed. I then filed a grievance for the treatment of me since I announced my pregnancy, the owner who my grievance was aimed at then took me into a meeting for 3 hours and said I was personally attacking her and that I have taken everything out of context and I am too sensitive.
I have taken maternity leave 3 weeks early as a result and have been told I will receive a response in writing to my grievance but have been told it is a letter I won’t want to receive.
I feel very stressed and anxious at these events but also feel powerless and that I am merely being bad mouthed at work and made out to be a trouble maker.