Even 10 years later I get angry when I think about it

I worked for a global company who owned brands that are household names.  When my first child was 3 months old, I received the news from HR that my role was being redefined, and that the job was changing so much it was effectively a new role, so I would have to reapply for it.  Mine was the only role in the department that was affected.  

Then they “forgot” to tell me that the role had been posted on the internal careers intranet, so that I had a week less than every other internal candidate to apply. Not only that, but they said that none of my appraisal documents had been archived by my manager (who had moved on while I was on mat leave), so I had to write a CV in order to apply. The impact of all this going on with a 3 month old baby who still woke every 2 hours at night was very stressful.

When I started contacting people for advice on my situation I discovered that my employer had ignored every regulation relating to maternity leave and redundancy.  The onus should have been on them to prove that I was not a suitable candidate for my old role.  It was at the same level, and had similar responsibilities.  There was nothing in the role that I wasn’t capable of doing.

In the end, I was so incensed at my treatment that I sought legal advice and reached a settlement.  They had to compensate me for the discrimination, and pay all my legal costs, so obviously had they discriminated against me.  Even then they tried to get out of paying me for accrued holiday and for my bonus that I was entitled to for the duration of my maternity leave.

Even 10 years later I get angry when I think about it.  I have friends who still work there who have had children, none of them have had a positive experience on their return.