Here are a few interesting and robust research statistics about pregnancy and maternity discrimination and the many issues faced by working parents:

* 54,000 women a year are pushed out of their jobs due to pregnancy or maternity leave (EHRC 2016)

* 77% of working mums have encountered negative or discriminatory treatment at work (EHRC 2016)

* 2.2 million people stay at home to look after children, 60% of whom are looking to get back to work (My Family Care Survey 2015)

* 40% of employers say they would avoid hiring a woman of childbearing age (Slater and Gordon 2015)

* 84% of generation Z and millennials seek flexibility when job hunting and the UK economy would be £165 million richer/more productive if all businesses got on board (Government’s capital and wellbeing report 2017)

* Nearly half of working mums think working flexibly has affected their ability to progress their career, although almost three quarters identify flexible work as crucial to getting more women into senior roles, ( annual survey 2017)

* 44% of working mums say they earn less than before they had children (Working mums research 2017)

Facts specifically related to the Arts Sector:

* Women artists are given fewer solo shows and commercial galleries represent fewer women than men (Fawcett Society 2013)

* Women overwhelmingly make up the majority of the workforce in museums and galleries – 70% according to academic research by Professor Kate Oakley and Dr David O’Brien.

* According to research reported in The Guardian in September 2015, within galleries getting annual funding of £1m+ from Arts Council England, just 37% of director or chief executive roles are held by women.

* A recent report published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission shockingly reported that the arts, culture and leisure sector had the highest incidences of dismissal due to pregnancy – 7% of employers interviewed who work in this sector had dismissed an employee that was pregnant or on maternity leave, compared to the sector average of 1%

* The proportion of mothers working in the arts, culture and leisure sector, who felt they had to leave due to poor treatment when pregnant was 15%, making the arts the 3rd worst offender by sector.