He discussed the interview with his wife and they had agreed my priorities would change

I had a vey bad experience while working at a local authority. I was on a temporary contract with lots of scope and opportunities to be made permanent. . .or so I thought! I waited until i was 20 weeks to tell my employer as I didn’t want my pregnancy to count against me. My male boss was perfectly nice when i told him, but seemed to think i would want to give up work once i had a baby. I was side-lined from projects and put on light duties.

When my job came up as permanent i wasn’t invited to apply for it, but i did anyway, i was taken to one side and asked why on earth have you applied for your job? your having a baby! I explained my motivations, such as seeing through projects. I was patronisingly told my priorities would change and that once i had my baby i wouldn’t want the job. He said that he couldn’t discriminate against me and would have to interview me. Unsurprisingly i didn’t get the job and was told this was because i hadn’t grown into the role in the way he had expected- this wasn’t something i had ever been made aware of before! He also said he discussed the interview with his wife (she doesn’t have anything to do with the local authority) and they had agreed my priorities would change.

I applied for lots of other posts and went to 2 interviews for permanent posts at 7.5 months pregnant. Nothing much was said about me being pregnant apart from that it could be a problem as i couldn’t start soon, but i didn’t get the jobs.

I made complaints about how i was treated, but nothing was done. I was warned about being a trouble maker and burning bridges. I was too upset to say or do anything.

Soon after i had my baby i applied for another job with another local authority. I got the job and was told I was an outstanding candidate- they didn’t know i had a two month old!

I am still so angry about what happened and wouldn’t wish anyone else to go through what i went through.