He even went so far as to insist I tell him when I went to the toilet so he could time me

When I was expecting my first child, two months before my wedding to my serving soldier, I worked at a local city council. One which I had just moved to away from every person I’ve ever known.
Upon finding out I was pregnant, my direct manager, a man, quickly changed.
He had issue with my appointments and made me get a written official letter for each one (as I’m sure readers are aware, this is not the norm with midwife appointments which get written on notes). He spoke to me with disdain when my health deteriorated. He even went as far to INSIST that I tell him when I was leaving my desk for a toilet break and when I returned so he could time me! Eventually I was signed off sick with stress.
After my son was born, he immediately was sent to NICU and we nearly lost him. I couldn’t hold him for the first five days of his life. Thankfully he pulled through and he is ok now, but while I was In hospital with him, my uncle died. Because of all this, my stress levels and depression was still very much there and then I was conveniently made redundant. Though there was no other redundancies and I was the only person able to do my job, which was swiftly re advertised with a slightly different job title weeks after. It’s only now looking back I realise just how bad it was and had I have been in my right mind, would never had allowed myself to be treated so poorly and unfairly.