He would barely look at me and would talk about me behind my back

I was working for a very good company however I decided I wanted a career change; i had been with this company for two years. I had my interview and was successful, I was really excited to start my new role and helped with the set up of the restaurant in the weeks following the launch. In this time I had found out I was pregnant, I was delighted but decided not to tell my employer as I wanted to wait until I was past the time I had miscarried before. The restaurant was a big success I got lots of brilliant reviews, Derren Brown came to my restaurant! I worked so hard and took my role very seriously as the head chef. Once the time approached to tell my employer, I was quite nervous because I knew I was such an asset to the company that he might be disappointed I would be leaving for maternity at some point i also knew it would be very difficult to replace me on a temporary basis but I couldn’t do anything about that. I told him and he just put his hands over his face and shook his head. His wife, who was also there as she was in charge of front of house seemed on edge, however she congratulated me and I left the office. Everything went downhill from there, I was getting more work put upon me and he would come into the kitchen and criticise everything, even though it was all fine and would ensure everything was in order. He would barely look at me and would talk about me behind my back which made me feel uncomfortable and nervous as we had always had a good relationship. My probation as stated in my successful application letter said 3 months I had assumed I had passed this as I had worked for the company for longer than 3 months, and we were very successful. I went into work one morning and a bag of potatoes had started sprouting overnight. My bosses wife flew off the handle saying it was unacceptable and that I am meant to check my kitchen before I leave it. I knew she was being very over the top but she continued to shout and stormed off, this really upset me! Mark asked me to do as much preparation for the next day as I could as we had a large function booked. I found this strange because I usually run things my way and believe in makings things as close to the time as possible to ensure the freshness of the food. I just did what I was told as I knew that they were watching my every move to see if I did something wrong. I was so upset that night that once I’d got home after a very good shift but they made me so miserable the next day I called In sick because I just couldn’t face it. They called me two hours later and said I wasn’t suitable for the role and hadn’t passed my probation and so they wouldn’t need me anymore. I was so shocked, I was 16 weeks pregnant and knew I had a lot more saving up to do for my new baby. I went to citizens advice and they said they had used a loop hole of the probation and I couldn’t do anything about it. I couldn’t find another job for the remainder of my pregnancy and relied on my partner to support us. The only thing that made me quite happy was seeing all the bad reviews on trip advisor once I had left, there were a lot of complaints as my boss had to take over the running of the kitchen which I knew would be a disaster. The company then closed down. Although I felt like my career was ruined and after i had been such a hard worker it was a big kick in the teeth but my son was worth it all it just made me sad that such a big injustice could be done with the more vulnerable people in society.

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