I accepted redundancy as I couldn’t face the thought of a Tribunal

I was made redundant on return from maternity leave. It had been agreed that I would come back 3 days a week, but on my return I was told that my job was no longer available. I was told I could apply for another job in the department which was full time but I could try and do it in 4 days a week.

I was gutted, but decided to apply. On my second day back I was sent to a small room and was given a case study from which I had to prepare answers and give a presentation to other colleagues.

Unfortunately I had a panic attack as my colleagues came into the room (my first one). Telling someone about it later was enough to bring on a second panic attack.

My baby was only 7 months old and in the end I decided just to accept the redundancy as I couldn’t face the thought of a tribunal. I wish now that I had pursued it, but instead I signed a compromise agreement so couldn’t even talk about it.