I am being contacted almost weekly about returning to work

I fell pregnant with my second baby about 5 months after starting my job. While discussing my maternity leave I was told to read the flexible working policy if I wanted to return to work PT (I was working FT). After being on mat leave for approx 4 months I contacted my line manager to inform her I would be putting in a flexible working request for 3 days per week. She told me not to bother as nothing less than 4 days would be accepted. So, as I needed the job I did the application for 4 days and went back to work. Just before returning to work I found out I was pregnant again but this time had numerous health issues which meant more antenatal appointments. I still had to hit the same chargeable hours target as my colleagues though and if I didn’t this would affect any pay rise/bonus at year end. I was signed off work for 2 weeks due to severe dehydration caused by norovirus but was contacted almost daily asking when I would be back. I then had to start my maternity leave 1 week earlier than planned due to health which they weren’t happy about. My 3rd child is now 3 months old and I am being contacted almost weekly about returning to work. The first contact was when baby was only 2 weeks old! I have again been told no less than 4 days per week which is impossible – the nursery fees would be almost double my salary and I have no family close by that could help out. I have no option but to resign and look for something else which I don’t feel I should have to do but that’s the reality of my situation 😢