I am being openly bullied by colleagues

I took on additional roles in October last year for which I was promised a pay review after 3 months – which ended up being 7 months. At my next pay review I had just come back from 2.5 weeks off due to illness and they refused to increase my pay yet again and promised a further 3 month review. During the 3 months, I discovered I was pregnant and immediately made my employer aware. Now it is common knowledge and I am still awaiting my pay review, plus I am being openly bullied by colleagues who make nasty comments about me being away (I have severe sickness), and completely ignored by managers who seem to make it their daily duty to tell me how awful I look, how I am to blame for other staff members’ health issues as a result of the additional stress they are under, etc, they are finding faults with my work, spreading rumours that my job is at risk or that I am being moved to another department. It is a horrid working environment, and I am counting down the number of days to going on maternity leave!