I am the lady who is selfishly going off to have a baby

work for a supposedly reputable facilities company who have the values of a balanced home and work life, that look after their employees and offer the best benefits.

I found out I was pregnant in October 2014, informing my line manager quite early due to some of the tasks (heavy lifting etc) that I need to carry out. However since this day, I have felt nothing but exclusion and belittlement.  Gradually my every day-today duties have been taken away and have been limited to what I can and cannot do.  

Back in February my husband started a job, which he had been looking for for months (he had been the stay at home parent for nearly two years), only part time but the hours did not quite fit in with mine so we had to find alternative child care for a half hour period each weekday morning.  I put in a request for flexible working to either come in half an hour late and stay later or reduce my lunch by half hour, but all was refused.  I followed the correct procedures to HR and still to this day have had no response though I believe they need to within 28 days.  With all the hassle of sorting this out and the stress that work were putting on me I was signed off work for a week with stress, still having to phone work everyday to explain why I would not be in.  No further support was given to me at this time.  After all this also, I was told by my line manager that if I wanted to return to the same role that I must have all my childcare in place and booked for both children,  if not I could apply for flexible working/part time though this could not be guaranteed.

I have found my line manager to be nothing but rude and unkind, for example I won an award for good customer service, no congratulations, well done nothing..  Not very good management – telling another member of staff she could win more at bingo!!  

My line manager has advertised a temp position for my role and when people have come for the interviews she has said in front of the interviewee, that I am the lady who is selfishly going off to have a baby.  Other comments have included asking me if I was growing a devil baby!!

I have had a couple of days off sick with a really bad virus, to be told my other members of staff that my line manager said I was faking it and that anyone could pit on a sick voice, even though I was crying down the phone.  I am sure she would not of liked projectile vomit over her reception walls.

I am sure my annoyance is nothing compared to other submitting’s I have read on here, but its a good place to voice my concern.