I don’t get included in much now and spend my days sitting at my desk hating my non-stimulating job

I have always been ambitious and wanted to further my career. In 2013 I applied for an internal temporary promotion to cover my managers position whilst she was on secondment and I was successful. I had worked as the deputy manager for 2 years and this was a natural progression on the career ladder for me. My managers secondment came to an end while I was on maternity leave as she took the role on permanently, of course the team manager role that I had been temporarily promoted to was then advertised as a full time permanent role. My new boss wasn’t that supportive of me applying for the role (even though I had been in the position for 6 months) instead she encouraged my temp maternity cover to apply for the role who had only been with the company for a matter of months, of course she got the job and I didn’t. Having looked at the interview scoring there was only 1 point in it – I lost a point on knowledge and experience even though I had actually been doing the role for 6 months and had been in the team for over two years…… at no point had my performance been brought into question, infact it had been praised so of course I was very aggrieved by this but decided not to let it ruin my remaining maternity leave with my son and put it in the past. I returned to work with my maternity cover as my new manager and instead of returning to my old desk I had been moved to a desk in the corner of the room on the floor below – with none of the colleagues I had worked with for the past few years. I was shocked and managed to argue my case to be returned to the same department (although I never got my desk back…….) To top things off my line management duties were reduced to one member of staff because the new manager had ‘formed relationships with the team’ whilst I had been off – I wondered why on earth the relationships I had built over several years now accounted for nothing……. I don’t get included in much now and spend my days sitting at my desk hating my non-stimulating job. I am now pregnant again and there are redundancies planned for the end of the year….