I earn £15k less than I did before I had a baby

I was a marketing manager before leaving to have my daughter at 30. I was on a contract and after having my daughter I found it incredibly difficult to get a job, no one wants to hire someone who has to leave at 5pm on the dot each day, i feel that being a women of 30+ and in a relationship is tough because in my experience people are wary of hiring you then you “going off and having a baby”, probationary periods are often extended and prolonged for this very reason.
I have now found a job earning 15k less per annum than i was before and im happy although after childcare i am only very slightly in credit. Childcare costs are not only prohibitive but childcare (especially in the south east of the UK) is incredibly inflexible also making things tougher.
Recently i had to have a week off due to my daughter being sick and there was a lack of understanding making the pressure and feelings of guilt very stressful to endure. I then spent weeks coming in early and having no lunch break to try and make amends. Its sad but we seem to make things tougher for women to have both children and a career and unless you are fortunate to have a large salary, high earning partner or a hands on family unit close by to help with childcare then having both is not really possible.