I gave that company over 12 years loyal service and left because i felt a detriment for simply having a baby

I was called in on a KIT day less than 2 months after my baby was born to be told that my team were being dissolved and my role as team leader was to be made redundant. They offered me a demoted role where my pay would be frozen until that team caught up with me. They told me that if I declined the role they would consider it a resignation and I would therefore not be eligible for redundancy pay. After fighting tooth and nail I managed to get them to lift the pay freeze and accepted a different but still demoted role on less hours. Bearing in mind a whole team of people were meant to be ‘absorbed’ elsewhere in the business, not one person went through a consultation process. I accepted my fate and went back to work some 8 months later to find my team were still a team and my mat leave cover was still their team leader!! They had also promoted a man to a team leader position without the job going to advert and without interview. Several other team leader roles became available also and I was told that they could not be flexible with time (i requested half hour leeway) and that I would have to take a pay cut. I gave that company over 12 years loyal service and left because i felt at detriment for simply having a baby. I had to go through counselling and my health suffered greatly. They ruined my maternity leave – a time that I thought would be the happiest of my life.