I KNOW it’s because I had a baby but will never be able to prove it

I was the head of department of a non-national curriculum (but popular) subject in a secondary school. I was also the only teacher of that subject. At the start of the year the head had called me in to meet with him to specifically say that he was pleased with my work and could see me being a large part of the future of the school. In the October I suffered a miscarriage and by the end of November I was pregnant again.

I was so scared of suffering another miscarriage that I went and told the head quite early in December and the first thing he said was “Well you don’t hang around do you?” and then when he asked how far along I was and I said “4 weeks” he said “so you MIGHT be pregnant” I said “no I am pregnant, but early.”

I was never given a risk assessment and by 32 weeks my SPD was so bad that I couldn’t manage the stairs in the building. The doctor signed me off sick but the school had me writing schemes of work, creating resources and analysing data at home. Then they tried to start my maternity leave early as I had been signed off despite that they had me working on things at home. After Union contact they backtracked and started my maternity leave as they should have done.

Whilst I was on maternity leave I was called into a meeting to tell me that the subject was being cut and so I would be made redundant 12 weeks after my return from maternity leave.

A huge turnaround from “being a huge part of the future of the school”. I KNOW it’s because I had a baby but will never be able to prove it. Now I’m stuck looking for new employment.