I lost out financially when I needed financial security

As soon as I told my boss (male) I was pregnant the mood changed. I was having a difficult pregnancy but there was zero empathy. I suddenly found myself amongst a group set for redundancy due to “business reasons” … none of which made any sense.  I was admitted to hospital and had HR calling my husband repeatedly to find out why I wasn’t at work. I was not given an opportunity to challenge my situation and my redundancy was made final while I was signed off sick. By the time I was well no one would employ a very pregnant woman and therefore I lost out financially in a big way when I needed financial security the most.

A very experienced barrister subsequently said to me that companies across the country are behaving very badly towards pregnant women and are using spurious “business reasons” to get rid of pregnant women through redundancy. She also warned that pregnant women will find it excruciatingly hard to fight their case through employment tribunals.