I needed to choose between ‘the job’ and my family

I was a Police Officer for 14 years. My husband developed a critical illness which left him disabled. I was left in a situation where I then needed to care for him and my children as well as carry out my job as a Police Officer, so I asked if I could go part-time. I was told to put a flexible working plan together, which I did and they refused it. They then sat me in a room on my own with two senior officers and I was told that I had to do at least 40 hours a week. Their exact words were that I needed
to choose between ‘the job’ and my family! They told me it wouldn’t look good if I was dismissed, which is what it would come to if I couldn’t commit to full time hours so it would be in my best interest to resign. I had no choice because I couldn’t care for my disabled husband and for our children whilst doing full time hours, so sadly I was forced to resign and lost my career.