I returned to work after 11 weeks maternity leave due to pressure. They placed me 2 hours drive away from home and I wasn’t allowed time to express

I was employed with a major construction firm. I had maternity leave and felt compelled to return just 11 weeks after delivering my son. This was hard and altho I had set up an area with the maintenance staff where I would be able to express, my boss never let me take the time out to do this.
Upon my return I was placed with a manager who was renowned for eliminating staff who were no longer wanted, it was cheaper than redundancy and less hassle. I survived him only to be then placed a 2 hour drive away from home. All this with a 8 month old at home I was out of the house from 6am until 7 pm every day!
A month or so later I fell pregnant again, this time my mobility took a hit and was forced to take early maternity leave. Work was not impressed. During my leave I had a change of line manager, who seemed nice. Until I was sent a letter stating I was to be put in a pool of one for redundancy! I was offered a menial role as a replacement with a £8k pay cut…
Inevitably my mental health was also effected, I developed agoraphobia and didn’t leave the house for 10 months. I finally got up the courage to take my ex employer to tribunal only to get to court and their barrister to harass me in the waiting chambers. I subsequently dropped the case, a huge mistake but representing myself I couldn’t mentally take it.
Now, 4 years unemployed and I have lost all confidence in employers. I live on benefits even though I have a masters degree. The harsh reality of what some employers think is acceptable.