I suffered from depression during pregnancy, I couldn’t work out how I would get by financially

Thank you very much for giving such a lovely speech on national television about pregnancy discrimination.

I myself have been in the same boat as many other ladies. I was asked to leave work without any notice. My manager called me in for a catch up early morning before my shift to a cafe nearby (my manager was 5 months pregnant herself) I was told that I would not be able to continue with my job due to HR not being happy with my service. When asked for an explanation, she (manager) had nothing to say, she left the conversation and just said that she was sorry. I was not even allowed to go back to collect my items left at work. Apparently, the person on reception whom I had told I was pregnant had leaked the information to my manager. I couldn’t do much as I had nothing in writing.. I had to chase them for a written explanation of my dismissal. Finally I received the written explanation that this was “not a dismissal” but just that you aren’t the one we are looking for answer, but by this point it was too late .. The three months had already passed. It’s a shame how companies take advantage of people, they just throw you out, not thinking twice about the impact it will have on the person. I was devastated. I suffered from depression during pregnancy, I couldn’t work out how I would get by financially… It was very stressful.. Right now I’m on job seeker allowance and I get some money toward my rent and bills.. But I’m being pushed to my limits to get back to work. No one will employ me knowing I have a baby, and I need flexibility which limits my opportunities… It is a very difficult situation.. No one understands.