I told them I was pregnant before I started my new job and they just completely ignored me

I interviewed for one of two positions in a dental office, thrilled I was informed the job was mine. I then was called and asked how soon I needed to start because they would like to train one of us for about a month then bring in the next person to start their training after. I was being asked if I could wait that time frame before starting. Which just so happens I absolutely could. They were supper excited to bring me on and I was elated to take on this job and join the team.

I had taken a pregnancy test before that interview which came back negative. So I didn’t think there was any news to tell. We kept in contact through email and I took yet another test which yet again was negative. I went to the doctors to find out if I was indeed Pregnant. Which I was, with my first beautiful baby boy, who is now 11 months so this is still a very recent problem in the working world. The very next day the office called me in to have me start working Monday. During this conversation I informed them I was pregnant and had just found out. They were very shocked and asked if they could discuss a few things then call me back since they are unsure of how this would effect them. I called back and was told the manager was busy and they took my message. Not another word from them.

I was very upset I would have been great addition. My husband says things like they don’t deserve me but the truth is the didn’t want me with my new responsibilities as a mother. How is that OK. How is that fair? What right do they have to shun a mother to be for doing one of the most natural things possible? … It was more disgusting because there were plenty of mothers at that office. Both the dentist and manager were family people… but I guess that only counts for their family. 🙁

To all the mothers who have been unfairly treated, remember what its like and support your fellow woman!