I was unsuccessful in the interview for the job I had been doing for 8 months

I got pregnant in 2012, just as I started my new job. My GP advised me to reduce my antidepressant dose due to the pregnancy. This resulted in my long-standing mental health problems being less well-controlled. I felt very anxious and low in mood as I struggled to learn my new role: organising and facilitating group work for people with dementia and their carers. As my maternity leave approached, there were organisational changes occurring locally within the company (a national charity), which entailed the creation of new job roles. This meant that I had to attend an interview for the new job role at the start of my maternity leave. Several other staff members were in the same situation (even our area manager). I was unsuccessful in the interview for the job I had been doing for the past eight months. The successful candidate was the volunteer who helped make the tea at my groups! The charity had invested quite a lot in sending me for training courses at their swanky London head office, so I thought it was a terrible shame that they let me go, rather than taking someone on as mat cover. I think the company restructuring/job role changes legitimised the fact that they didn’t keep me on, which (in addition to the new baby and my struggle with depressive illness) is why I didn’t pursue the matter further. I am shocked to find out how common discrimination against pregnant women and stay-at-home parents is in our capitalist society. I think your campaign is laudable.