I was being suspended for gross negligence

I had a great relationship with my boss the M.D and owner of the company I worked for until I became pregnant with my third child. Despite working a 40 hour week and nothing changing in how hard I worked all the way throughout the pregnancy he just stopped really talking to me unless he had to. I had no contact with him regarding maternity cover. Instead an outsourced consultancy firm came in a human resources capacity to handle this amongst other things. I offered to work from home after the birth to try and help out but heard nothing from him about this. Then 2 weeks before I was due to go on maternity leave I was called into a meeting with said consultancy firm and told I was being suspended for gross negligence over a mistake that had been found in my work and escorted from the premises never to return. I was 8 months pregnant. The next day I went straight to an employment lawyer. The company offered me a settlement agreement to leave. I could have taken it to an employment tribunal as my lawyer thought I had a strong case but this has to be taken within 3 months and I didn’t want the stress or the potential stain on my reputation and further career. I accepted the agreement after negotiating a better payoff than the insult I was offered. The M.D never uttered a word to me during these meetings everything went through the consultancy firm. To put a person through that type of stress when pregnant is despicable. Although I am luckier than other stories I have read about I am disgusted this still actually happens.