I was expected to have an abortion

Two years ago, I was happily working 70 to 80-hour weeks. But when I fell pregnant, my relationship with my boss deteriorated rapidly. She began to find fault in all my work, bullied me about my ‘baby brain’ which she said rendered me ‘useless’, and even went as far as to tell me I was expected to have an abortion. Frankly, she was furious that I would have the ‘audacity’ to get pregnant while working for her. I would be reduced to tears on a daily basis and the stress got so bad that my GP signed me off work for three weeks. I was frightened, vulnerable and utterly miserable. Thankfully my baby arrived healthy, but when I emailed my boss to tell her, I never got a reply. When I tried to return to my job nine months later, it was made clear that I wasn’t welcome, so I hired a solicitor. Fortunately I’d kept my emails and a diary of how she’d treated me. However, the case wouldn’t be accepted in a tribunal because I hadn’t reported it within three months [see box for details], so we settled out of court. I’m lucky I came out of it unscathed, but I wish I’d known about that deadline before.