I was fired because of pregnancy discrimination before I was even pregnant

I was let go from my job at a small business (only 4 employees) because I mentioned that my husband and I were planning on starting a family in the next few months. I was in excellent standing I had just gotten a glowing review where my boss went on about how much I’d contributed to the company and it’s growth. During a non-work related conversation with my boss’ wife, we were talking about how she had recently found out she was pregnant and she asked me directly if we wanted kids anytime soon. Because of the relaxed and open nature of our relationship I thought it would be safe to tell her that we were hoping to start trying to have a baby in the next few months. I instantly knew I had made a mistake when she immediately followed up by asking me if I still planned on working after giving birth. I turned the conversation back to business by saying that of course I would and I that I was extremely invested in the company. Two weeks later I was called into my boss’ office and told that we were “growing in different directions” and let go effective immediately. No other reasons given, even when I pressed him for why he thought that and if I had done anything wrong. I know without a doubt I was fired because of pregnancy discrimination (before I was even pregnant!). I did not pursue the matter because he offered to let me write my own letter of recommendation and he would sign whatever I wanted.