I was greeted by not 1, not 2 but 3 HR representatives and issued with 3 choices

I have just returned from maternity leave after only 18 weeks off (due to no company maternity pay after this date just SMP) When i requested to return to work i was asked via email to attend work for a quick chat about any concerns i had about returning. I thought from the tone of the email it was an informal chat, going back to my office to break the ice with my colleagues. When i arived i was taken to a meeting room away from my office to be greeted by not 1, not 2 but 3 HR representatives! I was then issued with 3 choices as i had requested to drop 5 hours so i would be working 32 rather than 37 hours. Option 1 – return to work for 13 weeks part time (company policy states 13 weeks of readjustment) then return full time, Option 2 Return for 13 weeks in my current job but during that time if i wished to remain part time i would be moved departments. Option 3 put in 2 weeks holidays to enable work to move me prior to my return from maternity and start a fresh elsewhere!

My boss is adamant i cant drop 5 hours and since my return i have pretty much been sat here staring at my screen doing nothing. My project was removed from me before i left for obvious reasons and i have been given the most menial tasks. I was running a multi-million pound project and now i am sorting out a new delivery policy…….. I am completely fed up and hate coming to work every day  knowing my days here are numbered. I have written a business case suggesting i can carry out my job in 32 hours but it has fell on deaf ears my boss isn’t even considering it. I am currently looking at being relocated elsewhere into a paper shuffling position rather than my high energy Project Manager job i had before i left!