I was made redundant 12 days after my daughter was born

I was made redundant 12 days after my daughter was born. I had no idea that any changes were being made until I received an email from the HR director asking to set up a call the following day to let me know what was going on. About 15 people lost their jobs in the restructure, but I was the only person of my level that was made redundant (and one of only two people at my level who worked part-time). I was told that a decision had been made that my company would no longer be involved in the issues that I was working on – however, that later proved untrue. And my very shaky understanding of the law is that just because my post was going shouldn’t have meant that I was the one who’d have to leave – rather I should have been placed in a pool with my colleagues.

I immediately sought legal advice and, after a single letter from my solicitor, my company upped my redundancy package significantly. I’m lucky that I received a good package, but it was awful having to think about looking for work when my daughter was less than two weeks old – I remember feeding her with one hand, while using my mobile to desperately connect with as many contacts on linkedin as possible.

Although the outcome – ie being out of work – was clearly the worst part of the whole process, what makes me the most angry 18 months on is the memory of the telephone call I had with the HR Director. He started off the conversation by saying “this is a difficult conversation for both of us”. What!? You’re sitting in the your office (having just been promoted) while I’m sitting at home with a newborn baby and a two year-old asking me why I’m crying!