I was never considered for them as I ‘wasn’t in work enough’

I returned to work part time after having my first child, almost immediately the contract I worked on was transferred to another company, and the staff with it.

Obviously this involved a number of meetings and memos which were always held and circulated on days I wasn’t in the office. I would occasionally get a call after a meeting to inform me of its main points, but more often than not I would find out important information, such as changes to pay, location and hours via Facebook, with no route to raise concerns or objections.

Before I took maternity leave I was responsible for a number of important and complicated customer cases working at the top level in my team (I can’t be more specific) however, on my return these were not assigned to me, were handed frequently to more junior members of the team who did not have the experience that I did.

Once we had moved to the new company the new management started to make changes to the way the company was structured this resulted in the full time, junior members of the team being given increasingly more responsibilities whilst I was never considered for them as I ‘wasn’t in work enough’.

Things began to get very uncomfortable for me at work and I started to begin my days there between 6.30 and 7 am in order to get the majority of my work done before other members arrived. This was accepted by the management, as long as my quota was met. After a couple of years of this I had had enough. I started to look at my other options and applied for a university course, which I intended to do alongside my work.

Then discovered I was pregnant with my second child and could not face the prospect of losing what little responsibility I had should I take maternity leave again. So I took my maternity leave as early as possible, concentrated on my university work and waited for baby 2 to arrive. Unfortunately I suffered from PND after the birth of my second child, not helped by the thought of having to return to work.

At the end of my leave I decided not to return to work, informed the company and asked for any accrued holiday pay to be paid to me. After a few weeks I chased this up with the HR department but never had my calls returned. After a little time I received an email telling me that there had been an error with my maternity pay and, instead of paying me my accrued holiday pay, I now owed them money.

I queried this once and got a garbled reply that my PND addled brain, along with the demands of a full time university course, a six year old and a newborn, couldn’t deal with. The next thing I was aware of was a solicitors letter telling me that I still owed the money.

I was mentally unable to deal with it and have just discovered that they went to court and obtained a CCJ against me. I am well out of time to contest this and am going to have to resign myself to not getting credit or a mortgage for the foreseeable future.