I was often on the receiving end of bad treatment

I am a Theatre Nurse working in Day Surgery. I was working (whilst pregnant and then 4 months after my son was born) full-time in a busy unit as a scrub nurse on a self-employed basis for Private and NHS Day Surgery Departments. I know the Managers did not do risk-assessments, and sometimes expected me to work through lunch which I often refused to do. My work is very fast-paced and requires quick thinking and being very organised. I was often on the receiving end of bad treatment (not enough staff was a constant headache) after I had my son, because I did not want to work full-time. I could not afford to pay the childcare costs for Private Nursery for full-time care for my son – and I didn’t want to do that. All of my Managers were women and the majority of the other staff were women. I worked for another organisation as a Bank Nurse which told me that I had to work until 8pm which I cannot do because of childcare. All in all not a good experience, however I have been able to continue to work as an Agency Nurse whilst juggling childcare which seems to be working. However, they sometimes forget I have a four year old….This is my only option as I cannot work on a Rota where my shifts change every month (or do on-call or night shift). It’s something I simply cannot do.