I was pressurised to have an abortion

The biggest mistake I made was to tell my boss when I was two months pregnant and I was pressurised to have an abortion. When I refused he promised to put me on the poverty line without food or shopping. I was then subjected to a series of trumped up disciplinary charges and put under immense stress to quit. Often interrogated against the alleged misconduct at length in  a hot room without water with the full knowledge of HR and stating that if I faint it would also be considered a disciplinary matter and lock me in the room.

I was humiliated in meetings and was pushed to take early maternity and provided wrong information to ensure I did not get any payments. My boss told me I looked like an elephant, fat and ugly. HR came to my house and promised me another job but I was then made redundant and forced to sign a compromise agreement and am not allowed to reveal this true horror story.