I was told I was being lazy and undisciplined and that there may not be a job for me after maternity leave

I was a nursery nurse for many years before I had my child. I suffered bad morning sickness yet they continued to put me on the early shift without a member of staff which led to me throwing up in a waste bin between children arriving.
I fell on some ice and hurt my hip on the way to work. I was told I wasn’t allowed to phone my midwife and it took me threatening to walk out to be given permission to leave the floor to call. Thankfully everything was ok but I injured my hip.
I was taken into a meeting when I informed them of my physio appointment and told I would have to take it unpaid (despite the countless hours of unpaid overtime I did during my years there).
At my physio appointment I was told to avoid lifting anything which was manageable since I was working with 3-5 year olds who didn’t generally require being carried. A week later they informed me I was being moved to the infant department. I went to my doctor and got a fit note stating I was not to hoover or lift children in and out of bed/into the fenced area and needed access to a full sized adult chair. The day after giving that note to the management team I was called into a meeting with the owner and told that pregnancy was a condition and not an illness and that I was being lazy and undisciplined and that there may not be a job for me after maternity leave. I ended up being signed off for two weeks with stress. I was on crutches and struggling badly. On my return I was mostly ignored until I was called into another meeting and told I was being unfair to other staff by being so lazy so “I made” the decision to start maternity leave seven weeks sooner than I’d originally planned.
After my daughter was born I went in to discuss the place they had reserved for me so I could put her there when I returned to work. I was told they hadn’t kept a space and that they expected me to find a different nursery for her and that I would be returning as a junior member of staff rather than as a supervisor which is what my role had been for six years previously.
My circumstances changed and I became a single mother and I made the decision to not return to work due to my financial circumstances-it would’ve cost me £850 a month for childcare and I was only clearing £1015 so it made no sense. Two weeks after my official finish date I was contacted by the owner and there was suddenly a space for my daughter with a large discount. Thankfully I had the sense to decline.