I was treated like a disposable bag of trash

I was doing an internship of 6 months in the HQ of a global company. I only managed to work there for 2 months (till June this year). My boss had a crush on me and tried to have sex with me, then one week after the incident I was informed that I had to leave the internship because there was nothing left for me to do there, they did not have any more work for me.

I was also told that the company does not fit me because I would like to have 5 children in the near future – once again I was only doing an internship. Then, the last thing I could do was to ask for my full salaries till the end of my internship. I had to insist but eventually that was agreed and I received a letter saying that I would be paid fully. Nevertheless, I received more than a month pay less and the company now refuses to transfer me the rest of the money.

I felt incredibly discriminated as a woman and treated like a disposable bag of trash… and all in a western country, in the HQ of a big, global corporation.