I wasn’t even made aware there was a senior position available.

On maternity leave, I did my best to stay in touch with my company. I logged in periodically to check through my emails, I pushed to do KIT days and attended the meeting I was requested to. But then, having made all the necessary childcare arrangements (awkward with a BFing 4 month old and no family nearby) and made my way into the office, I found that said meeting was cancelled and no-one had thought to inform me.

There was a company wide cost of living increase to salaries just after I went on maternity leave. I’ve had to push to receive the same, and I still don’t know whether I have or not as I’ve not received a letter of confirmation (despite requesting one three times) and so far I haven’t received a proper payslip either.

When I returned to work, instead of being in the same team, I found myself in a different team. At least I’m still doing a similar job. However, the guy I was working with, who is my equal in age, experience and joined the company after me, is now my senior and line manager. I wasn’t even made aware there was a senior position available.

And lastly, just for the icing on the cake, my first month back after maternity leave my company forgot to pay me. I got a pay slip, with a 0 salary. Nice.