I was told I would need to reduce my hours

When I was pregnant with my first now four, I worked as a home carer. I didn’t go through any risk assessments and had to work alone at times with hoists. I asked to have lighter duties but I was told I would need to reduce my hours, which I couldn’t at the time as I had a mortgage to pay. I had to go on maternity leave early due to pelvic pain and when I was due to go back to work I asked to do evening work so my partner could have the baby, but I would need to be home to do the night feed as I was breastfeeding. I wanted 16hrs and was given it but then it was changed to 10hrs. I was told that I would need to stop breastfeeding and return full time or take the 10hrs. I was struggling with post natal depression which they were aware of, and being parted from my baby was hard. I decided to leave my job. I must admit I felt relieved when I did.