I was working for a prestigious independent school. When I told them I was pregnant they terminated my contract

I got offered a job at one of Birminghams’ most prestige independent schools. I then resigned from my current employment and joined the school in their finance team. Three weeks into my employment I found out I was 2 weeks pregnant and informed my line manager with the intention that they could make future plans and also to let them know of my upcoming doctor and hospital appointments. She was happy and congratulated me with a hug and told me she was really happy for me. There had been no issues or concerns raised with my performance, experience or skills. I had settled into the team well and got on with everyone there. The next working day the finance director who is my managers manager invited me and my manager for a meeting and told me that I cannot work here any longer because apparently I do not have the right experience she was looking for and that was it, it was a two minute termination and she informed me that I could work till the end of the week if I wanted to and asked me when I would like to hand over. I was left shocked and speechless at the ordeal and the way this matter had been handled. There had been no issues of my skills or experience prior to my announcement the previous working day and there had been no formal meetings held or any type of warnings given to me in relation to my ”lack of experience”. I am currently now trying to pursue this case further with the help of employment lawyers.
I cannot believe that even women can treat other women in such a derogatory manner.