I’m made to feel incompetent and stupid

I’ve worked for the same company for nearly 3 years now and have been given many opportunities, but from the moment I informed my manager that I was expecting, things seemed to have stagnated.

Both the women I work with in the same position as me have been promoted, one into a role I was being trained for and currently am still doing while they train her up to take over when I leave. Before I was pregnant I was working 50-60 hours a week working 16 hour shifts and now I’m nearly 30 weeks pregnant I’m still working between 40-50 hours yet I get nothing in return. The stress that my manager put me under was enough that I was signed off by my doctor for stress and high blood pressure, so when I went back to work I was striped of my responsibilities (rota’s and management shifts) yet when it suits them they dump things on me and when I fail to keep up, I’m made to feel incompetent and stupid.

It is hard for me resenting my unborn child at times and now looking back on it I hate myself for saying that but when you go from being at the peak of your career with promises and expecting things then to nothing over night it’s hard to take lightly.

But to prove them all wrong I’m going to be taking courses while i’m on maternity leave so when I go back if they can not offer me the position I’m looking for i’ll be going and I’ll be letting them know exactly how they made me feel and what they will be missing. Because I’m way too good for them to keep me down.