I’m not the first woman they’ve stressed out so much that they just resign

I’m just going through what feels like hell with work about my return after 10 months mat leave. It’s making me so stressed and upset. I entered into discussions about my return to work in Nov to discover there had been a restructure and my job no longer exists. Although I’d heard about it through the grapevine everyone else had a print out of the restructure months ago, and I heard nothing officially
about the restructure until the meeting. The role they’ve offered me is almost equivalent but it’s full time or nothing, and actually it’ll be being paid substantially less than others doing the role. It’s not feasible for me to work full time, it would cost too much in childcare. I’ve asked for part time working and a job share only to be told that it wouldn’t work for ‘business continuity’. The job they’re offering is in administration, where they already have someone working part time…I’m not the first woman they’ve stressed out so much that they just resign. However I’m not giving in that easy. I’m starting the grievance procedure and will go as far as I have to with it. I thought it’d be easy to
return to work, they’d want me back and be accommodating with the hours I wanted to work. This has come as a real shock and the fact that actually it’s really common is incredible!