In the end, due to lack of support and feeling helpless, I took voluntary redundancy

So great to be able to tell someone!! I had a great job a Borough Council (been there for 8 years) working in Economic Development. In 2010, whilst I was on mat leave with my second baby, I got a letter to say that my post had been deleted from the structure due to cuts. When I went in to be ‘consulted’ (which was a complete farce) it turned out that my post and three others (interestingly they were the three oldest members of the team) jobs were at risk. The admin/finance team and two other officers (who had been recruited by the manager and were younger or without commitments) plus the managers were not at risk. This was especially upsetting as I (and two of my colleagues up for redundancy) had been the first in this team and had established and developed many of projects that the officers who remained would be working on! When I spoke to Unison and told them what was happening they were hopeless. I was under the impression that I was protected by law and that my employer would have to try and find a suitable, alternative role for me and that I would not have to be interviewed for this. The union never pushed for that! In fact, I pushed and I got ring-fenced for the supervisor post but would be put in an interview situation with one of my colleagues. The role wasn’t really a suitable alternative as it would have been more hours and more evening work and the same pay as the officers I would have been responsible for. In the end, due to lack of support and feeling helpless, I took voluntary redundancy. I got a job at a GP surgery which was just awful and paid minimum wage and now work for Age UK on a fraction of what I earned but I feel so resentful towards my manager and wrexham CBC. I even contacted Unison to complain but to no avail. This was 4 years ago now but I have never got my career back on track due to needing to work part time as there doesn’t seem to be many jobs that pay well and are part time. I am also 46 now so I worry about ageism starting in a few years. It’s all so unfair and I don’t feel I have got closure on this.